What is Javascript and how does javascript work?


JavaScript is an interpreted programming or script language from Netscape. It is quite similar to Microsoft’s Visual Basic, and some other languages. Normally script languages are very easy and simple to code in than any other coding languages, for example, C and C++. Script languages take more time to execute the process than compiled languages but useful for small programs.

JavaScript is utilized to give extended functionality and visual effects to web pages and enable to do such things as:

  • Consequently, change a designed date on a Web page
  • Connected to page to show up in a popup window
  • Content or a realistic picture of change amid a mouse rollover

There are some concepts in JavaScript which is same in Java. JavaScript code can be inserted in HTML pages and translated by the Web program (or customer). JavaScript can be run on the server. Both Microsoft and Netscape programs support JavaScript, yet in some cases in marginally distinctive ways.

Eventually, the use of javascript depends on upon what your objectives are. At a certain point, working with JavaScript implied that you expected to “get something going” on a site page. It was intended to control the conduct.

This could define an element, hiding an element, or things like that. At that point, the web propelled a tiny bit and programs could make no concurrent calls to the server, handle the reaction, and after that change the condition of the page in view of this reaction.

Every one of this is accomplished by means of Ajax. In case you’re understanding this, you’re likely acquainted with the term. In case you’re not, you can consider it a path for JavaScript to make a call to the server facilitating the page and afterwards handle the reaction it gets all without reloading the page.

To learn more about what is javascript from shaw academy then follow the link:  http://www.shawacademy.com/web-development/what-is-javascript.html


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