Top 3 Effective Web Design Principles

Web design is not just about how the website visually looks and feels but how it works and reacts. When web designers work on a website, they use not only those components that add a visual element but additionally attempt to make it profoundly responsive, useful, and valuable. Following are the basic principles of website design:

#1. Highly Responsive Structure

According to primary law of a website usability recommends that website page must have a clear structure and simple to understand so that visitors would not need to think where should they go. It must be self-explained design for website visitors. This assist to increase the website usability and make it more engaging.

#2.   Visual Hierarchy

The following rule that helps to create a powerful website is a visual hierarchy. Visual hierarchy is an order or sequence in which our eye moves and sees on the website. With respect to the website page, the visual hierarchy can allude to the succession in which our eye moves starting with one point/content/piece to another point. At the point when planning a site page, a designer initially need to distinguish the significance of the different topics and after that spot them in a manner that the visitors can view what is most important and then after, move to the other point in a progressive way.

There are two ways to create a visual hierarchy, and they are given as follows:

  • Size hierarchy
  • Content hierarchy

#3.   Accessibility

Another exceptionally important rule is that must be used when designing a website page. When the visitors come to the website, they should be able to see all information on the page in the easiest way. This implies that content must be clear, the colour must not be harsh to the eyes, and background must not conflict with content. To make the website accessible to everyone, you can follow some points:

  • Typefaces
  • Colours
  • Images


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