What is PHP ? PHP Tutorials for Beginners

PHP is an HTML- embedded scripting language and it’s a recursive acronym for hypertext pre-processor. This language is used widely as an open source for general purpose scripting language. It is especially suitable for web development and this language can be embedded into HTML. Much of PHP syntax are taken from language C, JAVA, Pearl along with certain unique PHP- specific features.

NOTE: The language PHP was developed to allow web developers write dynamically generated pages easily.

There are many versions in PHP among which the early version PHP/FI 2.0 is no longer supported by PHP. PHP 3 is the successor to PHP/FI 2.0 and it is an advanced version. The current version of PHP is PHP 5, this uses Zend engine 2, with many other things this version also offers any additional OOP features. PHP 5 was basically designed to be compatible with previous versions.

Some significant changes made in PHP 5 is:
 It’s a new OOP MODEL which uses Zend Engine 2.0
 A new extension for improved MySQL support which is built-in native support for SQLite

To learn more about what is PHP visit URL :  http://www.shawacademy.com/web-development/what-is-php.html


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