Graphics Design Vs. Digital Media Design

Both graphic design and digital media design include media development activities, but what does this mean? What is graphic design, and how does it vary from digital media designing?  Basically, these two domains set out to develop various types of visual communication media that often relate an image, brand and idea to an audience. People interested in the digital media world always look into each of these two fields when looking for career development programs. While both are related to the digital media, there are major differences between the two disciplines.

Graphic design, also called as communication design, is related to the designing and projecting concepts, ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. It basically consists of basic design and drawing fundamentals, prepressing skills and digital imaging. Graphic designers are trained in graphics development through computer-based programs, like Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw. Graphic designing work usually involves working with images in Photoshop, digital logo creation for businesses and making magazine ads. A graphic designer uses text, symbols, illustrations, textures, colours and letterforms to develop print and web-based design. They can find themselves with a number of different job profiles, such as graphic designer, visual designer, UI/UX designer, animator, web designer, etc.

Digital media design is the practice of designing electronic or print forms of visual information for an advertisement, website, or publication. Digital media designers often use integrated media to link information, messages, and entertainment through movies, 3-D animation, and special effects. They are trained in video editing, motion graphics, digital audio production and screenwriting. Programs for digital media designers often include media production, digital imaging and web design. They develop their products in a digital format as opposed to the graphic designers.

Many universities and online institutes offer degrees in digital media design and graphic design to cater to the needs of the corporate sector that hire graphic designers and digital media developers. Since, these courses are related to the specific technical expertise, a degree in either field is useful before entering into the professional world.

Graphic design and digital media design are the integral part of Digital Marketing. For more information, check Shaw Academy’s online Digital Marketing program. To know what their students are saying, read Shaw Academy review online.


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