images-5Today’s workplace is very competitive and the hardwork alone is not enough to get ahead. There is a need for self-promotion, otherwise you will be left behind. The self-promotion is the strategy to promote or publicize yourself. People who do self-promotion are not only more successful, but also build strong relationships, and do well in both professional and personal lives.

Self-promotion is about tactically building your personal brand and ensuring that people will know who you are, what you do and what value you offer as an individual. The fact is, people aren’t going to know how brilliant and successful you are unless you communicate the same to them. Always be strategic in sharing your success. You should understand your audience with whom you can share and communicate your experience. You need to know what exact achievements or stories are most relevant to share.

Be energetic in promoting your values, talk about your attainments, even if you are uncomfortable doing it. Speak about specific assignments you’ve worked on and the values you’ve delivered. Do quantify your results with percentages or numbers. Demonstrate confidence, whether you’re in discussions or business meetings. Always show your bosses you have confidence in yourself and you’ll be successful in the job.

If possible, get third-party recommendations that can help you grow. This is very easy. Just ask from people who know you, ask your colleagues and managers to recommend you. The more people you can get to promote on your behalf, the stronger your personal brand will be.

Most significantly, reframe disapprovals. There will always be some people who won’t praise you. Let the fear of being criticized not affect you. Keep on tooting your own horn, you’ll be successful. According to Anderson, “Whoever takes the time to promote themselves will get the deal or will earn the promotion because they’ve made a nice package of themselves that makes it easy for the decision-maker to choose them.”

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