The Elements of Music


Sound is created with the vibration of an object. These vibrations are captured by our ears and sent to our brain. Our brain, then evaluates these vibrations and tell us what kind of sound we are hearing, i.e. a musical clock, a car horn blaring, etc. Music is a part of sound and is distinguished from other sounds because it has certain characteristics. When we listen to music, we notice that it has some different features; it may be slow or fast, soft or loud and have a steady rhythmic pattern. These features of music are known as the “elements of music.” Below are some:

Melody: It denotes to the tune of a piece of music created by playing a series of pitches.

Music Notation: It refers to the signs used to write music. These signs specify the rhythm, pitch, and meter of a song or a piece of music.

Meter: Meter can be known as a rhythmic flow formed by the combination of strong and weak beats. It may be in duple, triple, quadruple and so on.

Rhythm: It can be defined as the placement of sounds in beats and time in music.  It is formed by meter and has few elements like beat and tempo.

Tempo:  It is an Italian word that indicates how slow or fast a note of music should be played.

Texture: Texture refers to the type and number of layers used in a rhythm. It can be monophonic, polyphonic and homophonic.

Timbre: Also, called tone colour and denotes the quality of sound that separates one voice from another. It may be range from dull to lush, dark to bright and so on.

Pitch: The comparative lowness or highness in a sound. The faster the vibration and the smaller the vibrating object, the higher the pitch. The slower the vibration and the bigger the vibrating object, the lower the pitch.

These elements are the soul of music, and are an important part of what we should study as a musician. Having a basic knowledge of these significant elements of music can surely increase our musical skills and make us a complete musician.

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