Social Media Marketing for B2B & B2C Businesses


Things have changed massively in the years since. After some time, as the world began to understand the astonishing capability of web-based social networking promoting, groundbreaking associations started fusing web-based social networking showcasing into their general advertising blend. As a rule, these organizations were solely B2C.

Indeed, even right up ’til the present time B2B organizations are still incredulous of the advantages of online networking for their business. The purpose behind this aversion is an apparent failure to gauge the viability of such showcasing exercises. Then again, B2C organizations were the “early adopters” of web-based social networking advertising – this polarity impeccably exhibits the solid contrasts amongst B2B and B2C showcasing.

Here are a few tips

For Facebook

  •         Use more hashtags – avoid slag/to many …/ keep the content brief, concise
  •         Use not more than two lines with the posts
  • links where possible to understand where you’re getting from on these content pieces that you publish
  •         Use attractive photos
  •         Share these posts in relevant groups but ensure you’re not spamming
  •         Leave comments on relevant posts with a link to these pieces/your FB page
  •         Use polls
  •         Use Hootsuite/buffer to schedule content
  •         Do a little bit of competitor analysis to see what tactics they’re using to keep their pages going
  •         Check analytics of past posts – that will tell you what content got most interaction

For LinkedIn

  •         Push content on LinkedIn Pulse
  •         Again, join relevant communities and groups
  •         Leave comments where relevant with links to your website etc.
  •         Encourage your clients to leave reviews/comments
  •         Encourage colleagues to share organisational posts

We delve into these aspects in detail – Lesson 9: How to Create Social Content That Converts –

The white noise of social media isn’t just deafening, it’s fatal to the inexperienced, we show you why this is the case and how we profit from in-depth analysis to create sustainable social assets including LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. This section also includes a content creation master class and advanced online reputation management procedures practically outlining how to gauge and react to online sentiment.

By using an online marketing platform intended for B2B advertisers, it is currently conceivable to see the immediate connection between social posting and lead.

What are your considerations on the contrasts between web-based social networking advertising for B2B and B2C? Leave a remark beneath and let us know!

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