Job Hopping

The person jumps on puzzlesJob hopping is quite a new trend today and has become very popular. It refers to the switching from one job to another within a short period of months.  But what has led to this trend of frequent job change among the workers? One of the key reasons for this is that the structure of the job is changing. Companies are looking for employees who can get a work done. After completing the project employee move on to other employer. Moreover, increasing unemployment and low salary have forced people to shift to other jobs.

Many firms often see job hoppers as a disadvantage to their company. According to them, a person who cannot be in a job for a long time will not make a company any good. A person who switches jobs every few months is not trusted by the organizations that values consistency. There are some firms who expect some form of assurance from their workers as far as the job tenure is concerned, and the detail of frequent job changes makes the company think twice before employing the person.

Job hopping is another word for insufficiency of job security. An individual who changes jobs more often is less likely to get any long-term benefits from the job. This is just because the person falls short on the experience factor. Another big disadvantage of changing jobs too frequently is that the employee usually lacks in in-depth knowledge about his skills. An employee with a record of too many job changes is often seen as someone who lacks reliability, stability, focus and dedication.

On the other side some companies wish to employ people with a number of job change history, as they are able to adjust quickly to the new working atmospheres. Despite the negatives, there are some advantages of job hopping. It is said that people who stay with a firm for a longer duration actually have better chances of increasing the salary. Long-duration employees generally accept a low salary hike just because they don’t wish to change the job. In addition, you get a ton of experience and a fresh look at various companies and company cultures. The more companies you work with, the wider your professional network will become. Having a big and resourceful network is a big strength for employers and employees alike.

In conclusion, job hopping is not bad, but from the point of reliability, constancy and experience you should not switch jobs frequently. Do give a thought to the advantages and disadvantages discussed before taking any decision.

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