Business Videos Conquer the Internet


Words narrate the story. The pictures explain it. And video gives life to it. Video, a new online marketing strategy has brought a significant rise in driving relevant audience to a website and helps in generating customer interest in the campaigns. More and more businesses across the world are advertising online. However, the promotion was usually in the form of text and images. But today, businesses are finding that advertising through video platforms brings more profits and higher success. Video advertising is a better way to get your message spread than by just using a plain text or a basic image.

The main reason businesses are using video marketing to promote their brand to the customers, is its easy reach. It is estimated that almost 80% of social media users prefer to watch a video than look at an image or read a piece of writing. Moreover, showcasing your products/services through this channel makes it much easier for a customer to understand your nature of business. Especially, if your business requires a demonstration, video marketing is the only effective way.

Video marketing can benefit a business in a number of ways. It not only allows you to develop inbound links which increase your SEO ratings on search engines, it also helps you to increase brand recognition, generate more customers, takes advantage of new technologies and mobile devices, increase your online existence, build a niche channel, and most significantly, connect with a larger audience.

In addition, once opened, video embedded in social media networks make the user to click at almost twice the normal clicking rate. According to some web market analysts, people who watch videos online spend more time on browsing a website and are more likely to purchase a product or service.

In conclusion, video marketing is an important part of your online strategy. Also, the likes of Pinterest and Instagram now allow people to share pictures as well as videos. This is a step in the right direction and the future of this marketing strategy seems to be wider. It will help you reach exponentially more prospective customers as compared to any other means of marketing.

Video marketing is the integral part of Digital Marketing. For more information, check Shaw Academy’s online Digital Marketing program. To know what their students are saying, read Shaw Academy review online.


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