Companies Advertising on Social Media Channels


Social media networks are a great approach to use to increase companies inbound marketing efforts. If a company sells to the public, there is a good probability that many of the prospective customers are buying online and networking. Today, almost everyone is online, using Facebook, sending text message or chatting. Companies around the world are responding to the daily habits of the people and advertising their products where their customers are, i.e. Online.

Social media has become a keystone of marketing approach; it hardly matters what business you’re in, social media is a mean you should be using to interact with customers. Moreover, it offers an economic way to reach and impact a wide customer base. For example, Zappos, an online retailer that sells clothing and accessories, has used a new way to advertise on Facebook and has put emphasis on developing relationship with their customers. They used a very attractive status on their custom welcome tab that says, “Let’s be in a Like-Like relationship”. Another great tactic they’ve used is to first request for the Like and then ask to join their mailing list. Once you follow these steps, you can check their entire product list. Doing so, Zappos has shown that they really care about developing relationships with their customers first.

Zappos, however, has still remembered traditional TV and print ads. But compared to them, investing in social media advertising is economical and could be beneficial in the long term.

In modern times, people rely and are interested in more online advertising as they are too much indulged into that rather than ads on traditional media. People are more on social media than on TV and radio. As technology is becoming advanced, mobile phones are transforming into mobile computers that people carry with them 24 x 7.

Another remarkable strategy of social media advertising has been adopted by the US-based companies too. Procter and Gamble, manufacturer of consumer products. They have just started an advertising campaign over the web. The company requests customers to ask questions about their product on their website. In return, the company broadcasts the answers on YouTube. This way, the company is attracting a large customer base.

The social media advertising is spreading very fast. However, there is a need that companies still must be cautious with these new advertising approaches. Whenever they go through these channels they must understand the customs of each country.

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