How E-commerce is Changing Consumers Shopping Habits

images-1E-commerce has transformed the way in which we shop. Since the world has become more connected and the proliferation of technology has enabled people to access the internet all the time, e-commerce has grown to be an ever more important retail channel. E-commerce consists of buying or purchasing the products usually using the internet as a medium. E-commerce has been with us since long, but only 5% of all goods produced are bought using the internet. However, 43 % of all purchases are impacted by an online research. But, e-commerce is still growing at a faster pace. It is breaking the scenario of traditional markets more than ever before.

Today, most of online store gets their customers from social channels like Facebook and mobile phones. This is the only reason why many businesses today are turning towards online marketing to improve their sales.

In the past, shopping was a social event. It was like fun that you did with your family or friends. But, now social media channels are driving consumers to go for online shopping. Brands do target prospective customers and advertise their products online. More than 75% of all consumers buy products after reading the product reviews and description over the web.

In addition, the new mobile generation is likely to have a greater influence on e-commerce or online shopping. Online shopping is growing so fast that customers usually get product feedback, details and price comparisons directly on their mobile. There are even mobile applications which notify if there is a particular product on sale. This contributes majorly to the growth of e-commerce.

Online shopping means not that we are changing our way of shopping, it also means changing the way of selling. Customers select more online shopping options as compared to in-store shopping because it is a major time saver and is economic. The demand and comfort of online shopping are contributing to the growth of e-commerce.

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