Kick Off Your Career Change


If you’re not happy with your present job and thinking about changing careers, then you’re not alone. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans change careers at an average of seven times in their entire lives. Switching careers can be liberating, exciting, but it can also be terrifying. You need to be brave and bold enough in taking your next career step. There are some key starting points that may help you in your own transition to a new journey.

Checking out all available resources is the best option to choose in your career change. There are plenty of awesome free resources available over the web. For example, reading articles and blog is the best option to get advice about making a big career change. You can also follow some of the industry experts or some great career writers. Sign up for their email list and receive consistent tips from them to pursue your career change.

Also, there are so many online tests which you can take to check what kind of skills you’d excel in, and then help you develop a plan for obtaining that skill based job. There are various online tests, but few popular once are: Cracking the Creativity Code, Career Hacking and The 80/20 Guide to Finding a Job You Love. Joining these courses will help you identify your skills, finding unlisted openings, passing the interview and negotiating your salary to get the best pay.

There’s a lot, which you can do to build your successful career and reach to a place where you want to be. But sometimes, it’s worth to ask for a professional help. Trust, it’s really worth, if asked by the right person. Take a career guidance or opt for some good career packages, such as The Stuck in a Rut Package, Job Search Strategy Session or The Ultimate Job Search Kit, etc.

Switching the career can be discouraging or daunting, but if you’re going on a path you’re truly passionate about, it will be rewarded in the end.

For more information on career change, you can check Shaw Academy’s Career Advancement online program by browsing their site. To know more about Shaw Academy Reviews, subscribe to their YouTube channel.


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