The Future of E-books

mobile phone and books

An e-book is an electronic format of a printed book, which can be downloaded to a computer or a specifically designed handheld device, like smartphone, PDA, tablet or any other kind of reading device. An e-book, like any printed book contains numbered pages, pictures and graphics and table of contents.

There are various kinds of electronic books. Some are really fantastic that can be loaded onto small screens to read while you are on the move. They may even be bound in leather to look like a real printed book. E-books have many benefits, such as they are very simple and easy to buy and download through the Internet, they are easy to store and few of them have inbuilt dictionaries so you can easily find the meaning of a word. Most importantly, they are eco-friendly as no trees are required to manufacture paper for the books.

Some people believe that e-books will replace the printed book in future. The electronic book industry, however, is facing many problems. They are available in many different kinds of formats, and the e-book you may want may not be available in a particular format.

Microsoft Reader is one of the most popular electronic book formats that provide books from other publishers to read on your device. Amazon has also developed a small handheld device named as the Kindle. This can show, books, newspapers and magazines. Readers can easily download a number of books from Amazon store.

Nowadays, you can easily get e-books on all possible subjects, fiction and nonfiction. Big publishers like, Random House, producing more and more electronic books as according to them people are doing more work on systems every day and also reading more books on screen as well. This also helps in saving the high costs of paper caused by printing, circulation and saves environment as well.

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