Triathlon is, no doubt, the most popular sport involves cycling, swimming, and running in instant sequence over various distances. Today, the demand for the triathlon are booming with race involvement in the UK and around the world, showing a huge increase of over 300% in the last 5 years.

Triathlon was first recorded in September, 1974 by the Field Club and the San Diego Track at Mission Bay. This was consisted of a 5-mile cycling, 5.3-mile running, and a 600-yard of swimming in the ocean. The first triathlon boom occurred in 1978, when the first Ironman race was held and captured the attention of big audiences. Since then, the sport has grabbed the attention of people worldwide. Today, the Olympic races from Beijing and Sydney are the most watched sports events in the Olympic schedule. The International Triathlon Union has now approved more than 100 triathlon events worldwide every year.

Although performing triathlon is a difficult task, but so many people love to do it due to a number of reasons. The sports person is usually motivated to put a variety into their practice. Triathlon is the best option for the cross training as it includes swimming, biking and running altogether and makes the training session more interesting.  The three activities mean that people who are not good at any one activity can compete with other two.

In addition, it’s a good tool to test your limits and stamina. The crossing of the finish line only can be a huge rewarding achievement. The most important are the health benefits associated with triathlon. It is considered as the best workout for a good cardiovascular health and helps in building and maintaining better muscle tone.

Surprisingly, participating in a triathlon is not so difficult or doesn’t demand long hours of training as the races includes different distance. You can start with a short race by putting 4 – 5 hours of training per week in your weekly schedule.

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