Accelerated Mobile Pages

images-1Today, people have become very impatient, especially when they’re browsing on mobiles. To overcome this problem, Google has introduced a new program called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which helps in reducing the website loading time on mobile even further than what we’ve seen with desktop resources and responsive design. AMP is a coding standard for publishers to have a web page load rapidly on mobile devices. This project was publicized in 2015, with the support from Google, WordPress, Twitter and various other companies.

AMP serves many benefits other than increasing the speed of web pages accessed on mobile devices. It helps in reducing the bounce rates by increasing the loading speeds. According to the Benchmarking Mobile Performance Page Load Time report, “bounce rates for sites that take 5 seconds or more to load are 10 % higher than for sites that load more quickly”. Slow load time also drops the conversion rates, but brands that use the AMP program are happy to see the drastic hike in conversion rates.

AMP is an open source program that you implement into your website. If a brand wants to benefit from AMP, then they should embed the HTML script into their web pages. The HTML script needs to be embedded into all web pages. Now, Google is asking all websites to take part in this project, yet it’s obviously up to a business whether to participate or not. Initially, the project started accepting trial users, included few brands, like Twitter and Vox. Now, it has opened to all other users.

Google is holding considerations about the AMP project through GitHub, where brands share their feedback to ensure the best possible experience. In their feedback, the brands have suggested that a web page developed using AMP HTML script could load 85% faster than a standard page. This step by Google towards the ultimate mobile-friendly web may be a response to updates like Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News. While these updates require the use of devoted businesses, Google’s AMP program is available to all willing to follow a new set-up.

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