Factory Farming

batthens10_300_1Factory farming is a modern form of intensive farming system in which animals, such as cattle, fish and poultry are confined indoors in very restricted areas in order to get food and the best possible profit. The main products of this industry are milk, meat, and eggs consumed by humans. The idea of this system is to keep production costs low, sell cheaper food to people and earn huge money.

Today, factory farming is a much discussed matter. Ecologists and animal rights protestors state that this type of food production is not at all sustainable and ethical. It causes damage to our environment and makes animals to live in a worthless way. On the flip side, agriculturalists and larger food companies said that without this process, they cannot produce enough food at low prices.

Over the past few years, farms have increased in number and intensity. With the use of modern technology, farming has become a business. Today, farmers use a lot of chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics to produce as much as they can and to control diseases. Manures or fertilizers made it possible to produce more yields than nature would allow. These aspects result in lower food costs in the market. People who support factory farming say that it creates more employment opportunity and lets consumers buy food at reasonable price. They also claim that it is eco-friendly as it requires less land to produce the high amount of food.

Opponents of factory farming say that this method is cruel and painful to animals. Animals, mainly sheep, chicken, pigs and cattle live in overloaded places without enough space to move around. These animals undergo painful mutilations and are given special feed to grow unnaturally for the purpose of maximizing milk, egg and meat. Moreover, even the crops that are sprayed with chemicals and pesticides can cause major health risk to humans.

The factory farming system puts unbelievable stress on our natural resources. The amount of waste created by raising so many animals in one place infects our land, air, and water. People residing near factory farms report a high-level of illness. In order to negate the health issues presented by factory farms, farmers do use antibiotics extensively that produce drug-resistant bacteria and is risky for humans.

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