Virtual Worlds – Are they Useful for Children?

virtual-worlds-flyerToday, virtual worlds have become an important place where children and young people learn what they will do in the real world. Children are spending a good amount of time playing in online worlds. It is a budding phenomenon and children are getting addicted to many social media applications, online games, and other social platforms. Virtual or computer-generated worlds have various different elements, such as:

  • An online computer animated program.
  • A massive multiplayer online games.
  • People use characters to represent themselves in the virtual world, etc.
  • Guidelines on how people affect the virtual world around them.

In simpler words, the virtual world is a platform where people can coordinate with each other, explore and solve problems. Playing online through virtual or computer-generated worlds have many benefits for children, from social and emotional development to learning effective communication skills, which are helpful for them in the future.

According to Lydia Plowman, professor of education & technology, Edinburgh University, children can easily learn through online applications and games. The main focus in this type of learning is letting children to discover through parental supervision, and part of this procedure is to let children take their own decisions. She refers this entire process as the ‘learning how to learn’.

However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. There are a number of benefits using online medium to support children’s social and emotional development, but this does not go without saying, it brings some risks as well. As per a survey, conducted by EU Kids, it has been found that children who play violent online games, lead to more aggressive behavior which can influence their social interaction with others.

In conclusion, virtual worlds are providing a new and effective source of learning for children and adults which are positively different from the traditional methods. This has brought round positive results for children and adult’s social, emotional, and educational well-being.

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